Wednesday, September 12, 2007

As the Times notes the 'graying of the Web,' Jeff Taylor's cuts staff

This NY Times piece today observes that several sites are angling to be "Facebook with wrinkles," targeting older Internet users. The first example they mention is Charlestown-based Eons, started by founder Jeff Taylor. From the piece:

    The advertisers on Eons include Humana health care insurance, Fidelity Investments and the pharmacy chain CVS. Lee Goss, president and chief operating officer of Eons Inc., which received backing from the venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and General Catalyst, said that the sites aimed at an older audience may not grow as quickly as MySpace, but could have longevity.

    “Our audience, while it is harder to attract, is more durable and sticky over time,” he said.

Good timing for some good publicity for Eons. Mass High Tech reported yesterday that Eons has laid off 35 percent of its staff in a restructuring. The operative quote from Rodney Brown's piece: "The cost structure was just too expensive for where we are in doing business," according to Taylor.

Eons has raised $32 million thus far, some of it from General Catalyst in Cambridge and Charles River Ventures in Waltham.

Taylor, 46, told the Herald that his start-up still has $15 million in the bank. The Globe notes that this is the second cutback this year. And Xconomy has some inside details from an Eons employee.

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Anonymous Andrew said...

Although I am way too young for this site, I believe they are executing poorly. Eons is trying to do too much. They should have kept things simple instead of throwing tons of features at the users. If they built a basic social networking platform, grew organically the community would have been able to tell them what features they needed. Features are useless if they community doesn't want or need them. I also find it interesting that the founder launched a site that he was even too young for (50+). I don't think the founder understands what its like to be eons old.

September 12, 2007 7:58 PM  

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