Thursday, September 27, 2007

More gPhone Buzz, in BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek says that software developers are angling for partnerships with Google that would give them a prominent spot on the forthcoming gPhone. That includes Burlington-based Nuance Communications, the (almost totally silent) speech-recognition giant.

Update: BusinessWeek has another piece, titled, 'Will a Google Phone Change the Game?' From Roger Crockett's story:

    Wireless industry consultants and marketing executives with knowledge of Google's plans say it has been showing prototypes of a new phone to handset manufacturers and network operators for a couple of months. Its plans have been kept top secret, but Google is expected to tap a company on the Pacific Rim that specializes in mobile design and manufacturing to build a handset to its specs. Google could then apply its expertise in operating software and user applications, says Paul Catalano, a partner at consultancy RelevantC Business Group (RCBG). Google officials won't talk about phones, and industry sources don't expect one before the second half of 2008.

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