Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday's column: Creating a market for touch-enabled tables

Sunday's Globe column talks about the competition between a small Framingham start-up company, Circle Twelve, and Microsoft to bring touch-enabled tables to market. (Another start-up, SoCal-based TouchTable, is also in the running.)

Microsoft has some cool videos demonstrating its Surface tables, which will start showing up this week in AT&T stores in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and San Antonio.

Here's Circle Twelve founder Adam Bogue explaining how his DiamondTouch table works:

And here's an earlier DiamondTouch video I shot, which focuses a bit more on the multi-user and gaming aspects of the table:

And I wrote earlier about Bogue's participation in a panel on new display technologies, which was the first report that I know of about the creation of Circle Twelve. (Circle Twelve is commercializing technology originally developed at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs in Cambridge.) That post includes an audio recording of the panel made by Dan Bricklin.

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