Friday, May 23, 2008

Founders Club Comes to Boston

It's cool that Boston will soon be home to a chapter of the Founders Club, a tech networking group that originated in New York. The first gathering happens next month, at a private residence downtown. It's invite-only... and among the organizers are:

- Ric Fulop, A123 Systems
- Marina Hatsopoulos, Z Corp.
- Jeffrey Binder, Broadbus
- Ted Morgan, Skyhook Wireless
- Joe Chung, ATG
- Scott Friend, Profitlogic
- Dan Roth, Voice Signal
- Mick Mountz, Kiva Systems

Dina Kaplan of, one of the founders of the New York chapter, will be there, too.

While the New York chapter is very much oriented toward Web 2.0 and digital media, it looks like the Boston branch will be a diverse mix of hardware, wireless, software, energy, and even robotics companies. Founders Club Boston, the invitation explains, is "a group of entrepreneurs promoting the start-up spirit in Boston." No Web site yet.

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