Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rethinking the Book Light

The most recent Globe column was a fun one to do... profiling Lightwedge, a Nantucket-based start-up run by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs.

When you talk to entrepreneurs, you never know what fascinating secrets they're going to spill -- ways they've discovered to get their companies growing fast. For Lightwedge, one of the secrets was collaborating with their customers (companies like Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, and Borders) to design their next-generation products. (Author and analyst Patty Seybold talks about this as "co-design" or "co-creation.")

Debbie and Jamey Bennett explain how it works in the video:

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Blogger Don said...

Best marital device to bring to bed in years! --- don

August 7, 2008 6:39 PM  
Blogger Scott Kirsner said...

Funny! ;)

August 8, 2008 11:04 AM  

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