Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Polaris Up to in San Francisco?

Waltham-based Polaris Venture Partners seems pretty active out in the Bay Area these days...

This summer, the firm did a seed round for Plinky, a new company co-founded by Sim Simeonov (a technology partner at Polaris' Waltham office) and funded by Mike Hirshland, who also technically works out of the Waltham office. Plinky is based in the East Bay, in Lafayette.

Now, Hirshland has helped launch The Dog Patch Lab. It's a work space and series of networking events to bring together Web entrepreneurs. Polaris is the "founding sponsor," and Hirshland is one of the "top dawgs" at the lab.

It is based in San Francisco, on Pier 38.

(I've had a few meetings scheduled this year with Hirshland, but he has blown off most of them. No doubt because he's in California?)

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