Tuesday, May 26, 2009

June is Innovation Month in New England: What Should We Do to Make An Impact?

Why declare that June 2009 is Innovation Month in New England?

My take: innovation -- new products, new companies, new ideas, new investment themes -- is what will enable our region to recover from the recession. Innovation has always been an inherent strength in these parts, but we can and should do better.

So here's my challenge to you...

What we've done so far is set up a Web site to list just a few of the innovation-oriented events taking place in New England in June. It'd be great if you could come to at least one of them to contribute to this concentrated, month-long conversation about innovation, and also help spread the word through your network. (Maybe you'll also let people know which events you plan to attend... I'll be at the IT Collaborative Dialogue on June 10th, Convergence on June 11-13, the MassNetComms Innovators Summit on June 17th, What's Next in Tech on the 25th, and possibly more.)

What else should we do to kick-start things in June ... to get people talking, connecting, collaborating, and thinking in new ways about how we launch and grow innovative ventures here in New England? To spotlight important research and development initiatives? To make students more aware of opportunities in the innovation economy here?

I'm eager to hear your ideas, big and small ... especially ones that are cheap/free, don't require much coordination, and can at least be started or announced in June. I may use a few of these in a column soon, so if you'd like, include your real name and affiliation in the comments.

(Oh, and if you blog or Tweet about Innovation Month, or post notes from any of the events that are part of it, please use the tag #neinno.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work in this there is great innovation in Boston today here's a link from SD Times today from one new innovation here

May 26, 2009 8:41 PM  
Anonymous Ben Carcio said...

New England needs a database of smart/innovative people. It doesn't have to be social, just a list of who is working on innovative things, what they are working on, and a way to get in contact with them. Think digital baseball cards of NE geeks. I agree on the SV envy, but our biggest problem vs SV is our humble Puritan nature, which makes us pretty bad self promoters.


June 3, 2009 2:31 PM  

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