Sunday, September 7, 2008

Figure Friendly: 3-D Printing Goes Consumer

Today's Globe column talks about an interesting deal between two local companies, Z Corp. and Harmonix, to print out avatars from Harmonix's game 'Rock Band.'

The opening:

    Starting with the release of the game Rock Band 2 this month, players will have the option of purchasing a collectible plaster figurine of the character they create - whether it's a lead guitarist with a Mohawk or a screeching lead singer sporting a skimpy bikini top. (The game is produced by Cambridge-based Harmonix Music Systems, a division of Viacom Inc.) The $75 figures will be produced at Z Corp.'s Burlington headquarters and shipped to players about a week after an order is placed through the Rock Band website.

Here's the video, which shows how the 3-D avatars are produced:

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