Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hang with Adeo Ressi & Bitch About VCs, on March 10th is doing their first east coast event next month -- a cocktail party on March 10th at the MIT Media Lab.

What exactly will happen, once you've bought your $100 ticket? From the site:

    - Get to know fellow CEOs from various fields
    - Hear The Founding Member [that would be the no-longer-mysterious Adeo Ressi] discuss start-up strategies for 2009
    - Learn the current market perspective of an Award Winning VC
    - Explore cutting-edge MIT projects and technologies with the Professors
    - Socialize over food and drinks in a unique Boston-area venue

At least 25 people want to be there; early bird tix are sold out.

What kind of awards, I wonder, will this unnamed VC in Bullet Point #3 have won? Oscar? Grammy? People's Choice? Blue Ribbon from the Big E?

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