Monday, June 8, 2009

A Few More Innovation Month Events ... And, Stealth Companies Revealed?

Just added a couple new events to the Innovation Month calendar, including Games for Health 2009 (June 11 -12) and a Transatlantic Pitching session at Swissnex, held in conjunction with TechStars Boston, on June 18th.

I'm also told by Mark Horan from MassNetComms (they have a big conference coming up on June 17th) that they'll be featuring six stealth companies on a 'Stealth Panel' moderated by Oscar Jazdowski from Silicon Valley Bank. Not sure how much will be revealed, but the companies are:

I'm also psyched that the events that have taken place so far in June have been plugging the concept of Innovation Month, and letting their attendees know about all the other events taking place.

I'll see you out and about...This week I'm attending the IT Collaborative Dialogue in Cambridge and The Convergence Forum in Newport, RI (which I help to organize.)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three iRobot Spin-Offs: Harvest, Heartland, North End

Sunday's column focused on the robotics cluster in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, including new companies like Harvest Automation, North End Technologies, and Rod Brooks' new venture, Heartland Robotics. All of them involve former iRobot employees and execs as founders, so I consider them the spawn of iRobot.

Here's the video - a demo of Harvest Automation's prototype greenhouse robots, with Harvest CEO Charles Grinnell.

Two days after the column ran, Rod Brooks -- one of iRobot's three founders -- officially announced he was stepping away from his role as iRobot's CTO to focus entirely on getting Heartland off the ground; he'll still head a technical advisory board at iRobot and remain on the board of directors.

Xconomy has another piece about Heartland, which deftly doesn't mention that my Globe column broke the news of the company's formation two days earlier...but that's the blogosphere for ya.

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