Friday, April 3, 2009

Simeonov Peels Off from Polaris

Just a couple weeks after technologist-in-residence Charles Teague left General Catalyst to chase some entrepreneurial opportunities, Sim Simeonov, the technology partner at Polaris Venture Partners in Waltham, is doing the same. He'll continue to hold the title of "technology advisor" for the firm, but won't be in the office day-to-day.

(Interestingly, Teague and Simeonov worked together at Allaire Corp., back in the Web 1.0 days, but Simeonov says they're not collaborating right now.)

I'd been hearing that change was in the air for several months. Back in February, Simeonov confirmed what was happening in an e-mail, noting that he'd helped start four companies at Polaris (Archivas, 8th Ring, Veracode, and Plinky), but wanted to consistently receive equity in the companies he helped launch. (California-based Plinky, the newest start-up, is the only company where Simeonov has a stake. He serves as interim CTO there.)

Polaris' Web site hasn't yet been updated to reflect the change.

Simeonov's blog is here.

He's organizing an event later this month on cloud computing for the MIT Enterprise Forum. (And in the interest of disclosure, Simeonov is also on the board of advisors for the Nantucket Conference...along with me.)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Polaris Up to in San Francisco?

Waltham-based Polaris Venture Partners seems pretty active out in the Bay Area these days...

This summer, the firm did a seed round for Plinky, a new company co-founded by Sim Simeonov (a technology partner at Polaris' Waltham office) and funded by Mike Hirshland, who also technically works out of the Waltham office. Plinky is based in the East Bay, in Lafayette.

Now, Hirshland has helped launch The Dog Patch Lab. It's a work space and series of networking events to bring together Web entrepreneurs. Polaris is the "founding sponsor," and Hirshland is one of the "top dawgs" at the lab.

It is based in San Francisco, on Pier 38.

(I've had a few meetings scheduled this year with Hirshland, but he has blown off most of them. No doubt because he's in California?)

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