Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Boston Just Might Be the Center of the Universe (At Least for Now)

Here's a talk that's not to be missed... April 16th at the Boston Public Library.

Juan Enriquez is giving a presentation titled "Financial Crises, Technology, and Why Boston Might Just be the Center of the Universe (At Least for Now)." It's part of the Ford Hall Forum series that Suffolk University puts together, and it's free.

Ever since his book, "As the Future Catches You" was published, Enriquez has been one of the most thoughtful explainers of the significance and future direction of the life sciences field. In this talk, he'll make the case that life sciences will be the "dominant language and economic driver of this century," giving Boston an edge that's ours to lose.

Enriquez was also a speaker at TED earlier this year.

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