Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vanu, Inc. in the NY Times

Michael Fitzgerald has a nice profile of Vanu, Inc., the Cambridge company run by Vanu Bose (son of Dr. Amar Bose), in today's NY Times. He writes:

    Most of us don’t think of our cellphones as radios, but they are. Any wireless device uses a radio. Figuring out a way to operate the radio with software has obvious potential advantages: for one, it’s easier and cheaper to upgrade software than it is to send field technicians to cellular towers to add components. And a software-based radio — the industry calls it software-defined radio — could handle multiple cellular signals at the same time, the way a computer can run a browser, a word processor and a spreadsheet all at once.

    So, in theory, letting cellular companies accommodate new spectrum or technologies by doing software upgrades could expand coverage and services while possibly reducing what we pay for them.

Vanu raised a $8 million "angel" round in July.

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