Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mark Levin's First Two Deals at Third Rock

Mass High Tech had the first word last Friday on Constellation Pharmaceuticals, the first big company announced by Mark Levin's new venture capital firm, Third Rock Ventures. Levin was the long-time CEO at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Constellation will focus on the relatively new arena of epigenetics.

Today, Todd Wallack of the Globe gets a bit more in depth with Constellation, noting that the firm has raised $32 million, and that Levin will serve as interim CEO (though he's recruiting a permanent chief executive.) Wallack also mentions that Third Rock has backed another company, Zafgen, which is hunting for treatments for obesity. That company has raised $23 million.

Here's the official press release on Constellation.

(Still no news of either company on the Third Rock Web site.)

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