Friday, July 20, 2007

Blog Disclosure Statement

My goal is for Innovation Economy to be a useful, opinionated, and fair source of information about technology, life sciences, entrepreneurship, and venture capital in New England. When I receive corrections or amplifications from readers or people I’ve written about in the blog, I’ll include them in the original post. Differing points-of-view are always welcome in the comments area of each post.

I consider myself a full-time journalist and writer, although I am also paid for speaking, moderating, and helping to develop the agenda for conferences and other events. When I’m writing about an event to which I have some sort of financial tie, I’ll make note of that. I don’t work as a consultant. I don’t accept gifts worth more than $50, or hold onto “review products” that I’m sent to evaluate. (I suspect that I’ve been to a few media dinners where the journalists present have ingested more than $50 worth of food and wine, but in those cases, I’ve skipped dessert.)

I do own some stock in individual companies, though none that I cover regularly. If I do mention one of these companies here on InnoEco or in any other venue, I’ll be sure to note it.

InnoEco carries advertising from Google; I don’t have control over the advertising or any interaction with the advertisers. Links on InnoEco that point to books or other products on also generate a small amount of revenue for me. Links here to any books I’ve written might also be considered advertisements, since the purchase of these generates a royalty for me.

If you have a comment or question about this policy, please e-mail me: kirsner - at-