Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 16th: Coffee for No Reason

What if a bunch of us descended on the Cosi in Kendall Square to have coffee together for absolutely no reason?

That would sort of be fun, especially if it was a Friday morning.

Here's how it will work:

Jimmy Guterman and I are hosting. (Jimmy is an editor at MIT's Sloan Management Review, former rock-and-roll tour manager, and author of a really great book on Springsteen.)

We'll be there from 9 to 11 AM on Friday, October 16th. We'll try to grab a table in the dead center of the restaurant's front room. You'll find our pictures below so you can recognize us. Come up and say hi, or introduce yourself to someone who looks like they are part of this craziness.

I'm bringing a stack of brand new hardcover business and tech books that have been sent to me as "review copies." Grab one that looks interesting. (If you feel inclined to write a review -- ideally in 300 words or less -- I'll happily post it or link to it.)

More enticingly, Jimmy is bringing a few free copies of an album he produced: "The Sandinista Project," a tribute to The Clash.

(And if you have something you'd like to give away for free, bring it! There's also an open WiFi network that usually works, in case you want to bring a laptop and do some demos.)

But mostly this is just a chance to meet some interesting people (most of whom work or hang out in Kendall Square) and introduce them to one another... and goof off on a Friday morning. No content, no sponsors, no agenda, no nothing. Just a social-media-driven coffee klatsch.

[ PR Folks: You're welcome to come, but please don't view this as an opportunity to pitch two of the dimmer members of Boston's journalistic firmament. ]

Here's Jimmy:

Here's me:

See you there (and feel free to spread the word...)

The Twitter hash tag, of course, is #CFNR (Coffee for No Reason).

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