Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Xconomy Killer? New Online Pub on the Way

Look out all you Xcommunists... there's a new online pub getting ready to launch next week.

Founded by Boston University alums Brian Johnson and Brad Perriello, the Massachusetts Medical Device Journal is a bootstrapped operation being funded by friends and family. They've got a network of freelancers lined up, including Tinker Ready, who runs the relatively-new blog Boston Health News.

More coverage of the state's perennially under-covered device sector is a good thing, I think...

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looking at Media Start-Ups in New England

My most recent Globe column focuses on some of the new media-oriented start-ups in New England -- and the challenges they'll face in an advertising-constrained climate. It mentions GlobalPost, Foneshow, Gather, and Helium. But I had to leave out a few others, like NameMedia, which is building a handful of "enthusiast" Web sites like; The Daily Grommet, a video guide to cool new products; and BlogPire, a network of product-oriented blogs, like

Know of other interesting media start-ups? Post a comment here.

The video is a short conversation with GlobalPost CEO Phil Balboni, who previously started and ran New England Cable News:

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Globe's new biotech reporter

Steve Heuser, who I thought picked up the biotech beat amazingly quickly at the Globe, is moving over to the paper's Sunday Ideas section.

Taking over biotech duties, as of August 20th, will be Todd Wallack.

I've known Todd since he was a business reporter for the Boston Herald in the late 90s. He then moved West to work for the San Francisco Chronicle, where he worked on an important series of stories about high pay and secret perks being doled out to the University of California's Board of Regents, as tuition costs were skyrocketing at the universities they governed. At the Chronicle, he developed into one of the country's foremost "computer-assisted reporters," using databases to uncover stories no one else was telling.

Todd came back to Boston last year, and has been covering tech for the Boston Business Journal. He also has a blog. I'm really glad the Globe got him to cover one of the most active business sectors in the region...a sector with national and global relevance.

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