Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday's Globe column: Peddling healthy fast food

Sunday's column focused on a fledgling Newton-based fast food chain, UFood Grill. The CEO is George Naddaff, who helped take Boston Chicken national. (I should note that Naddaff wasn't the founder; the original Boston Chicken was started by Kip Kolow and Arthur Cores.)

From the piece:

    At age 78, Naddaff is wrestling with one of the toughest challenges of the fast food industry: how to turn healthy eating into a big business. "You can't build a business on the 20 percent of the population that are marathon runners, that eat organic, that work out at Curves," he acknowledges.

    He needs to reach a more mainstream diner, in the same way that Whole Foods Market has attracted loyal shoppers who aren't all yoga instructors on a macrobiotic diet. So far, Naddaff's progress has been slower than he initially expected...

Here's the video:

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