Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels Alighting at New Cambridge Co-Working Space?

Bill Warner (founder of Avid Technology, Wildfire, and one of the godfathers who is bringing TechStars to Boston this summer) tells me he's working out of the new C3 co-working space at Cambridge Innovation Center. His mission: to attract three or four other local angel investors to the space, and create a little angel investing cluster there.

Know someone who might be interested? He's @billwarner on Twitter.

In other angel news, Colorado entrepreneur and investor David Cohen announces that he has put together a small $2.5 million fund to invest in very early-stage start-ups (with some money from Warner). Cohen writes on his blog: "While this new fund will choose the best available investments nationally, we believe that some of those will naturally include companies exiting TechStars."

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